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Angolan Legislation in accordance with the law No. 19/94 dated 28 January 1994, published in the Diário da República 20/94 on 20 May 1994, became effective on 1 October 1995 for all shipments from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland (zone of Saga Shipping A/S).

The intention of the new legislation is to provide the Angolan Government and Authorities with accurate information with respect to the cargo flow to their country in order to establish an economical policy for the benefit of their people.

The implementation of the Angolan legislation is foreseen as follows:

Registration of all lines calling Angola with the Angola National Shippers’ Council (C.N.C.) or with its agents.

Handling of Loading Certificates by the C.N.C. through its agent, Saga Shipping A/S, at the price of USD 70,00 to 100,00 certificate.

The number of the relevant Loading Certificate must be inserted in the vessel’s manifest for any cargoes to and from Angola.
The Loading certificate number must also be inserted into the Bill of Lading.

The clearance of any cargo in Angola is impossible without a Loading Certificate.
Loading Certificates are not anymore obtainable at destination - only through a C.N.C. agent.
* If You require info regarding C.N.C. agents for zones in other parts of the world – please contact us.

For all cargoes loaded to and from Angola the following Harbour and Data Processing dues will be collected:


Volume x USD 2,50 OR Weight / 1000 x USD 2,50
The greatest value of the above 2 calculations will be collected.


10’ Containers USD   50,00 per container
20’ Containers USD   50,00 per container
40’ Containers USD 100,00 per container
45' Containers USD 112,50 per container

Rationalization of cargo flow, without any flag discriminations.

To each Loading Certificate there corresponds one unique B/L.


Please note that CNCA are requesting the below, in order for us to arrange a CNCA Certificate:

Copy of B/L

Copy of Commercial invoice incl. Freight (otherwise on separate invoices)

CNCA application filled out (in excel + pdf signed/stamped)

NIF/Taxpayer document

Copy of DU number

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